Making BIND 8.2.3 man pages work on Solaris 8

Greg Chavez greg at
Thu Mar 22 22:22:28 UTC 2001

My real problem is that something went goofy with ndc during my upgrade to
8.2.3.  However, I do not wish to burden anyone with such problems until I
have RTF(ndc)M.  Problem is, my BIND man pages don't work.  I know I could
read it online somewhere, the ndc man, but as a matter of principle, I
want to look at it on my server.  Here are the particulars:

1.  During compile time, I set DESTMAN to /usr/share/man.  Never quite
understood why this variable is needed, since the man pages come with the
'doc' and not the 'src' tarball, but I did anyway.

2.  Got all kinds of kooky make errors after trying to make the
bind/doc/man directory.  Don't remember what they were.

3.  I found two relevant postings about this in the archives:

Based on that info, I did the following:

	- TROFFMACS=bind-8.2.3/src/doc/tmac/ ; export TROFFMACS
	- edited tmac.andoc line to ".so /usr/shrae/lib/tmac/an"
	- mv tmac.andoc andoc
	- installed groff package
	- per the Makefile's instructions, I made no edits to it

4.  This gets me most of the way ther.  However, during 'make all' it gets
caught up on hesiod.3:

	hesiod.3 -> hesiod.lst3
	nroff: can't open file /usr/share/tmac/; line 17, file
	<standard input>
	make: *** [hesiod.lst3] Error 2

I expected this, after reading about the goofiness of hesiod man pages, 
but not "". What the heck is that? I can't find it anywhere. Do
I really need that to get further?   Suppose I could just delete hesiod.3
but I'd rather see this work.

--Greg Chavez

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