SOLUTION: named-xfer log message: "uninterpretable server (axfr)"

Anthony Garcia agarcia at
Fri Mar 23 00:47:30 UTC 2001

I recently installed bind 8.2.3 on top of a freshly installed OpenBSD 2.8
and attempted to configure it to secondary a zone.

When I noticed the following two log messages, i was concerned:
Mar 21 15:53:29 ns3 named-xfer[24806]: uninterpretable server (axfr) for 
Mar 21 15:53:29 ns3 named[18811]: named-xfer for "" exited 1

It turns out that I was invoking an older version of named-xfer, located at
/var/named/named-xfer, which had been included in the default OpenBSD 2.8
install, and which did not support the axfr parameter.  I deleted it and
copied the 8.2.3 named-xfer into the same place and the "uninterpretable
server" message went away.
And, after further investigation, I determined that return code 1 from
named-xfer simply indicates that it's performed a zone transfer succesfully,
and is unrelated to the other error.

-Anthony Garcia

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