Sendmail gets DNS error looking up domain

Jim Reid jim at
Fri Mar 23 09:56:55 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew P Marino <mattm at> writes:

    Matthew> The actual error is "stat=Host unknown (Name server :
    Matthew> host not found)" the zone file for named
    Matthew> looks like ;

    Matthew>  IN NS
    Matthew>  IN MX 10

Try dot-terminating the hostnames in the NS and MX records. Since you
didn't do that, the name server will append the current domain origin
-- ie -- to get a fully qualified domain name: Since that hostname doesn't
exist mail breaks. Put fully qualified dot terminated names everywhere
in your zone file.

You should also get another name server for the zone somewhere. The
delegation for your zone lists ns{1,2} as name servers.
Your should add NS records for these to your zone file, assuming these
two servers do server your zone. It would also be an idea to get an NS
records for added to the com zone. The parent
zone should have the same NS records as the delegated zone does.

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