installing bind 9

Roy Arends Roy.Arends at
Fri Mar 23 12:34:55 UTC 2001

On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, simmen wrote:

> hello all..
>  ok so i desided to shift to bind 9..
>  can someone plz guide or forward a link on the subject bind 9
> installiation from scratch..(bind9.tar.gz) i am running linux 6.1 RH
> and bind 8.2.2-p5

The installation is very easy.

Get the file from

Unpack it
gzip -dc bind-9.1.1rc6.tar.gz|tar -xvf -

Read the README file, its straightforward.

(Make sure that, after installing, you read the Migration document in the
doc/misc directory).


Roy Arends

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