8.2.3 on sunspar(solaris7)

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Fri Mar 23 13:31:42 UTC 2001

>>>>> "HAG" == HAG Keijzer <HAG.Keijzer at mindef.nl> writes:

    HAG> Considering the fact that about every week a new release of 9
    HAG> is available, and changes are a PITA, we prolly will go for 8.2.3

An important correction: it's release candidates for 9.1.1 that are
coming out fairly frequently, not the release itself.

    HAG> Security is a must after all.

Hmm. Most people who look at the code would agree that BIND9 should be
more secure than BIND8: consistent coding style, rigorous adherence to
the protocol specs, careful avoidance of extra data, checking for
buffer overflows, etc. As a complete rewrite BIND9 is not encumbered
by the legacy baggage in the BIND8 code base. Some of that can be
traced back to Kevin Dunlap's grad school project at Berkeley in the
late 80s: the origin of BIND, the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon (or
Domain or Distribution).

    HAG> IMHO wouldn't it be wise to run release candidates in a high
    HAG> availability demanding environment.

Perhaps, though the latest release candidates are fairly robust.

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