FW: BIND limits and performance questions

Gary gwardell at gwsystems.co.il
Fri Mar 23 22:09:50 UTC 2001

> >
> > If more people were willing to say "you don't obey the spec, you
> > don't get to talk to me", those breaking the specs wouldn't break
> > them for all that long.

Well, yes, but, it depends on how big you are.  The bigger you are the more
you can set the default standard by what you do or don't do.

For instance, say AOL does something that isn't exactly according to the
standards and if you strictly obey the standards and your customers can't
send or receive e-mail to their friends at AOL then it won't be long till
you don't have any customers.  So if you want to stay in business you have
to go according to what AOL, in this example, does.


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