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Jim Reid jim at
Sun Mar 25 12:27:09 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Brooklyn" == Brooklyn Linux Solutions CEO <ruben at> writes:

    Brooklyn> Has there been any trouble with Bind 9.  I've heard
    Brooklyn> through the grapevien that there is some problems with
    Brooklyn> it's security and othe bugs.  Would you patch 8 or use 9?

There are no known security problems with BIND9. Don't believe
everything you hear through the grapevine. There are a few known
problems with BIND9: some threading issues sometimes cause the server
to lock up. These should be nailed in the latest release candidate for
9.1.1. It's also possible to compile BIND9 with threading
disabled. This should provide a workaround for those problems too.

Unless your name servers get thousands of queries a second, I'd
recommend the latest BIND9 release (candidate) over BIND8 any day.

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