Proposal: Separate windows-bind-users list

Gary Wardell gwardell at
Sun Mar 25 23:00:35 UTC 2001


No, I don't think its all that good an idea.

Many, if not most, aspects of BIND apply irrespective of the platform it's on.  And indeed the bulk of the BIND code is the same for
both the NIX and NT versions.

Really the only difference between the two is the installation and setup.  The day to day operation is very similar.

One might say then to split the installation off from the operational users.  But then the new people trying to get things going
would loose the benefit of having experienced users to ask questions of.

If your main interest if to not have so much mail or not have to look at threads that you have no interest in then you might
consider accessing the list through the Newsgroup interface.

Myself, I have the BIND e-mail, like most of the mailing lists I am on, sent to a special folder so it never appears in my inbox.



> 	This is simply a suggestion, worth only the paper its
> printed on since I
> have no way to create or enforce it. However, in my
> continuing campaign to
> reduce the amount of unwanted e-mail I receive (and thereby
> give myself a
> fighting chance to read the things that are important to me)
> it occurred to
> me that it might be of mutual benefit for the isc to create a
> list specific
> to the needs of those who run bind on windows.
> 	What do y'all think?
> Doug
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