Bind 8.2.3, zone rejected due to CNAME error

Peter.Pedersen at Peter.Pedersen at
Mon Mar 26 12:11:18 UTC 2001


The version 8.2.3 of bind reject the entire zone, when it find an error in a

The behaviour seems to be the same for both "check-names warn/ignore"
options, and the server does not answer any queries for this zone and does
not allow any zone-transfer.
The previous version 8.2.2 pl 5 did also reject the zone, but the result was
different, it continued to answer queries for the zone, but did not allow a

Are the "No answer to queries" inteded, or is it a bug/feature?
How can we avoid it?

We are running some unattended updates to the zone-files, which can cause in
CNAME-errors, and would prefer the "old" behaviour, since it only affected
the zone-transfer and not the queries.

Thanks in advance

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