Win2K picking away at my named

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 26 18:04:23 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Manning <bmanning at ISI.EDU> writes:

    Bill> % % >>>>> "Bill" == Bill Manning <bmanning at ISI.EDU> writes:
    Bill> % % Bill> While this is a really fine description of the
    Bill> handholding % Bill> needed to correct a behaviour that some
    Bill> would consider % Bill> "misbehaved" there is no way that I
    Bill> can bill these support % Bill> hours to Microsoft.  % % Why
    Bill> not? It would be fun to send 'em a bill for the support
    Bill> hours % wasted on their products.  %

    Bill> Please provide the contact and address to send the invoice.

How about "W Gates, 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington, USA"? :-)

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