resolving some and then forwarding the rest?

Bryan Hodgson bryan at
Mon Mar 26 18:59:45 UTC 2001

If you check the archives, you'll find that this topic has been discussed 
within the past couple of weeks.  In brief, current versions of bind can
be configured to provide this functionality from single server(s); check
the 'allow-query' option.

> For the sake of argument, let's say I'm authoritative for  I have
> two nameservers, and they both are told they're masters for  One
> is internal only so I put all of my internally needed addresses in
> it(databases, employee info, etc..) the internal and all of my external
> stuff(web, email) in the external.  My question is, how can I tell all of my
> internal machines to query the internal master server, and if it doesn't
> resolve, then query the external master?  Right now, if the internal doesn't
> know, it just rejects it as no such domain since it's the master server for
> that domain.

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