No forwarding

Bob Vance bobvance at
Mon Mar 26 20:37:47 UTC 2001

Are your *sure* it's forwarding for that zone ?

IIUC, if the server is authoritative for that zone (which it *should*
be, being a slave for it), then it shouldn't forward for any request in
that zone.
Maybe it's not loading that slave zone and thus thinks it's not
authoritative for it.

Of course, if what I just said is correct, then I must wonder why there
is a possibility of

        forwarders { };

in a zone declaration, which I've seen mentioned here before, but I
can't remember the context of the discussion.

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Here is my issue.  When I query items within, and they do not
and I don't want that particular zone to forward it still reaches the
 What I am doing wrong?  Also in named.conf, I do not use the forward
first/only.  Should I?


        forwarders {
      ; };

zone "" {
        type slave;
        file "secondary/";
        masters {
        forwarders { };



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