NS query issue

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Tue Mar 27 00:02:29 UTC 2001

Grant Reynolds wrote:

> I'm a little new to this, so bear with me:
> I have two BIND 8 servers hosting multiple domains. Querying to these server
> for each domain is no problem. However, I am having a little trouble with
> the following;
> Servername - ns1.mydomain.com.
> This is the hostname of the nameserver. When I run an nslookup on one of the
> hosted domain names, I return with something like this:
> ns # nslookup - ns1.mydomain.com
> > set type=ns
> > hosteddomain.com
> hosteddomain.com nameserver = ns1.hosteddomain.com
> This is obviously not correct, as it should be reporting ns1.mydomain.com as
> it's primary nameserver.
> Anyone seen this before? I may have a misconfig, and I'll post my files if I
> need to.

Well, which NS is in the master file, ns1.hosteddomain.com or ns1.mydomain.com?

Note that if ns1.hosteddomain.com and ns1.mydomain.com resolve to the same
address and ns1.hosteddomain.com is present in the domain delegations, then it
shouldn't really matter which name you use for the nameserver. Is this just for
aesthetic purposes?

- Kevin

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