mulitple dns server problem in Windows 2000

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Tue Mar 27 02:37:34 UTC 2001

And Win2k and WinNT will allow you to add more than 2 name servers, if you
go to the advanced page...

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I just noticed, yesterday, that Win9x only allows 3 nameserver addresses
in its CP Network Applet, yet when I send it 4 addresses via DHCP,
'winipcfg' shows all 4.  I haven't tested whether it will *use* all 4,
though :)

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If I recall correctly, Win2K only has places for 2 DNS servers to be
configured.  I think that if you cut back the number of  DNS severs
that this will solve your problem.  You will probably want to check this
though, as I have slept several times since I last configured Network
Properties in Win2K.


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> We have a Windows NT network with a number of Windows 2000
> servers.  Our DHCP server gives 3 DNS servers to clients. The first
one is
> UNIX DNS server that is is in our own network. The second two are the
> servers of our ISP. The UNIX DNS server points to the ISP DNS server,
> only holds records for a number of machines inside our own network.
> The problem is that the W2K machines can not ping or otherwise access
> the computers that are only registered on the local DNS server. When
> to access them we get "unknown host <computer name>." However, when we
> nslookup to get a listing for those same machines, we get the correct
> address.
> We don't have this problem from the NT 4 machines, and on the W2K
> when we manually enter the DNS servers and put less than three DNS
> we can ping the machines listed in the local DNS.
> Anyone have any ideas?

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