zone transfer problem

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Mar 27 18:12:03 UTC 2001

         Upgrade to BIND 8.2.3-NT3.  You can get it from:
either ISC:      

or at Len Conrad's site at URL:

         Also check to see if you have a CNAME at the root of the zone which
are illegal.

At 01:17 AM 3/27/01, Stanley Liu wrote:

>BIND 8.2.3 for NT on private network.
>I get a lot of the following errors:
>27-Mar-2001 15:18:34.000 zone transfer (AXFR) of "" (IN) to
>27-Mar-2001 15:18:35.000 stream_getlen([].3364): Unknown error
>27-Mar-2001 15:20:27.000 zone transfer (AXFR) of "" (IN) to
>27-Mar-2001 15:20:27.000 stream_getlen([].1589): Unknown error
>27-Mar-2001 15:20:32.000 zone transfer (AXFR) of "" (IN) to
>27-Mar-2001 15:20:33.000 stream_getlen([].4109): No such file or
>They repeat every two minutes for the three name servers with the "Unknown
>error" show up more often than the "No such file or directory".  I have two
>other name servers that I control (also BIND 8.2.3 for NT) and they don't show
>up in the error.  Any thoughts.
>Stanley Liu
>stanley.liu at

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