NS record question

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Tue Mar 27 22:19:40 UTC 2001

% I can see your concerns. But I still rather see a team of professionals
% responsible for implementing a standard, than some historic piece of code
% created in an ancient lab by undergrads, by the grace of god picked up by
% a professional who actually made it work and done something good with
% it.
% Regards,
% Roy Arends
% Nominum

	There is this little bit of wisdom from the security community.
	small, simple bits of code that have had lots of public scrutiny
	tend to be more secure (not to mention faster) than large 
	chunks of new code, with new features and unknown/untested
	interactions. even when they were created in "ancient labs"
	by undergrads (kind of like IP.. no? :) and much respect to
	Paul, but there were/are many professionals who made v8 work
	in an open, sharing environment.

	For that reason alone, Bind 8 has -LOTS- of credibility in 
	the operational market. Its also true that the v9 release 
	schedule is enough to make one fondly remember the good ol
	days when cisco would do IOS releases about every 12 hours.
	When we get a release of v9 that lasts more than 4 weeks,
	we can talk about stability.  


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