Is this zonefile legal or should it be changed?

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Mar 27 23:10:03 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Roy" == Roy Arends <Roy.Arends at> writes:

    >> The things I find odd is the use of "3H" and "15M" etc. for the
    >> different times in the SOA-field and the RRs. I thought I read
    >> someplace that the H/M/W/D notation was deprecated or
    >> incorrect?

    Roy> To my knowledge, this is not deprecated nor incorrect.

The H/W/D/M notation is and always was illegal. Some versions of BIND8
allowed its use in zone files. BIND9 doesn't. It's also possible that
some versions of dig use this symbolic notation when presenting TTLs
and SOA values. That's harmless unless the dig output gets shoved into
a zone file.

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