can't exec /usr/sbin/named-xfer: Permission denied

Stephen Amadei amadei at
Tue Mar 27 23:28:40 UTC 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Kevin Darcy wrote:

> By the way, you indicated that you're running an exploitable version (8.2.2-p7). It's conceivable
> that what you are encountering is an aborted or incomplete attempt to create a trojan horse. To be
> on the safe side, I'd wipe out and reconstruct the chroot jail completely and run a secure version
> of BIND in it. Then see if you still have the problem.

I think this is a chroot related problem.  I also have this message in my
syslog on two DNS systems... the only things in common between my two
systems where that I used the same 'howto' (Chrooting BIND) and the same
version of BIND... 8.2.3-Rel.  Since it also happens in 8.2.2-p?, I would
bet $$$ that Brian and I used the same Howto.  In my chrooted systems, I
have also noticed problems with the local timezone... even though I copied
it into my chroot jail, as directed... yet the logs still come out 5 hours

I would imagine alot of folks have this 'permission denied' problem and
hardy notice it, as it isn't readily apparent.

Stephen Amadei CTO
Atlantic City, NJ

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