zone transfer problem

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Mar 28 04:18:28 UTC 2001

At 09:35 PM 3/27/01, Stanley Liu wrote:
>I have upgraded my name server to BIND 8.2.3-NT3 and the errors now have an error
>code in there:

         Which name server is this?  Is this the one sending the transfer or the one
receiving it?

>28-Mar-2001 12:11:53.000 zone transfer (AXFR) of "" (IN) to
>28-Mar-2001 12:11:54.000 stream_getlen([].3490): Errcode: 2: No such
>file or directory

         The error code matches the message.  It's not clear here what file or
directory it was looking for.  Do you have any tmp files in your dns/etc directory
or anywhere else?  If so what do the latest ones say?  They should be text files.

>28-Mar-2001 12:12:32.000 zone transfer (AXFR) of "" (IN) to
>28-Mar-2001 12:12:33.000 stream_getlen([].2203): Errcode: 10035:
>Unknown error

         An error of 10035 is a network error: WSAEWOULDBLOCK.  This means that
it's waiting for data to be received and it hasn't received it.  That would be dependent
on the sending server.  What is that machine running (hardware, OS, applications.
It't like to take a look at your zone file to see if there's something unusual about it.
Also check to make sure that the sending server is not running out of memory.
If it's an NT machine make sure you are running the BIND8.2.3-NT3 release,
and check the logs on that machine.


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