rndc: connect: connection refused

Roy Arends Roy.Arends at nominum.com
Wed Mar 28 10:50:20 UTC 2001

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Ian Downard wrote:

> I'm trying to upgrade my Linux 2.2.17 machine from bind-8.2 to bind-9.1.0,
> but I can't get rndc to reload.  Here's the command and error:
>   [shell]# /usr/local/sbin/rndc reload
>   rndc: connect: connection refused
> I've included my named.conf and rndc.conf files below.
> (there as a similar thread to this in the archive, but the solution
> presented there has not worked in my case)
> Thanks a bunch for any help,
> Ian

Are you sure that named was running at that time ? This message is tipical
when there's no control channel, thus your OS refuses you to connect to
the control channel port.


Roy Arends

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