Zone Transfer Problems

Smith, William E. (Bill), Jr. Bill.Smith at
Wed Mar 28 13:30:55 UTC 2001

Our secondary servers are acting as secondaries for another company's
reverse zones who is working on a project with us.  For no apparent
reason(at least that we can determine right now), one of the secondaries
stopped transferring the zone.  We've tried a manual zone transfer to no
avail either.  We can see an attempt to transfer the zones being made since
we see the temp files that are created during the transfer but then that
process just stops and there's no reverse zone files. We turned on debugging
but nothing really stood out as to what the problem is.  We don't see any
permission errors or any errors in syslog, etc.  2 of our secondaries are
running 8.2.2 P5 and a third 8.2.3.  The problem server is one of the ones
running 8.2.2 P5.  Any ideas as to what could be going on or any suggestions
for troubleshooting this further.



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