NS record question

Roy Arends Roy.Arends at nominum.com
Wed Mar 28 15:41:04 UTC 2001


Thanks for clarifying your thoughts and concerns. I think we can agree to
differ on the details and the small print. 

We're not so far apart when it comes to the upgrading issue.

If you want the new goodies, upgrade to 9. Yes, it's not a simple
installing over bind 8 issue. There are some details that need to be
looked after, specified in the migration doc. I say upgrade to 9 when I
actually mean: don't expect the new goodies in bind 8.

If bind 8 works for the environment one is responsible for, don't upgrade. 

In general people upgrade their servers & tools for a reason. One can be
the new goodies or keeping up with the latest material, or just plainly
following a learning curve.

I do ofcourse not recommend an ad-hoc/fun upgrade for productions servers.
For any servers for that matter. I could never understand companies which
overnight upgraded their whole machinepark from one OS to another.


Roy Arends


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