forwarding algorithm and timeouts

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Mar 28 19:44:42 UTC 2001

Right, the resolver *library* is certainly distinct from a nameserver *program*,
but "resolver" is a more abstract term; according to the RFC definition, the part
of "named" which does forwarding is a "resolver" rather than a "nameserver".
A "nameserver" *provides* DNS data; a "resolver" *gets* DNS data. So it did not
seem appropriate, IMO, for you to "correct" Bob when he referred to it in that

- Kevin

Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 8:46 PM -0500 3/27/01, Kevin Darcy wrote:
> >  Um, Brad, are you aware that many of the resolver routines are *linked*into*
> >  the "named" program, e.g. res_ninit(), res_nmkquery(), res_nameinquery(),
> >  etc.?
>         Indeed, many routines are shared between a "resolver library" and
> a "named" executable (e.g., a "nameserver program").  The difference
> is that the named executable contains far more than just the resolver
> library portion, and the resolver library portion of a named
> executable is not separable from the named executable itself.
> Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about the concept of a separate
> resolver existing inside the named executable.
> >
> >If it walks
> >  like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
>         Ducklings can grow up into adult ducks, but that doesn't
> magically turn the ducklings in question into adult ducks.  Likewise,
> adult ducks can fertilize and lay eggs that become ducklings, but
> that does not make the adult ducks themselves the ducklings in
> question.
>         The resolver library and the named executable are two very
> closely related pieces of code, but they are not one and the same
> thing.  It would be a mistake to use the same name to refer to both
> objects, or to refer to one object that can perform both roles.
>         Indeed, IIRC, the most current resolver code is actually from
> BIND 8, while the most current source code for named is from BIND 9
> -- they haven't yet gotten around to updating the resolver code with
> the new code from BIND 9 (or perhaps the resolver routines are just
> fine the way they are, and they don't need to bring the BIND 9 code
> up to that level).
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