Installing BIND 9's MAN pages

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Mar 28 22:22:33 UTC 2001

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher L Barnard <cbar44 at> writes:

    >> So to get prettily formatted man pages on this platform, format
    >> them with the mandoc macros.

    Christopher> Except, of course, that they are not installed with
    Christopher> Solaris as you just said.

So pick up a set and use them. As I already said.

    >> The least painful way to do that is install groff which uses
    >> them automatically. Or try

    Christopher> Actually it does not.

It does if you've installed groff properly: groff -man will just work.
I already explained that too.

    Christopher> Feeding a man page from Bind though groff results in
    Christopher> almost completely unreadable text. 

By default groff generates PostScript. Consult the groff documentation
for other output formats. If you use groff's nroff, that will generate
a ASCII text version. [As does groff's -Tascii or -Tlast1 arguments.]
Did you try [ng]roff -man name-of-BIND9-man-page?

    Christopher> It is the libraries (in particular mandoc) that are
    Christopher> needed, not just the groff package. 

The mandoc macros (not library) are shipped with groff and will be
installed when you install groff. If that doesn't work for you, check
the installation instructions and go get help from a groff mailing
list or newsgroup. Please take any followups about groff away from
bind-users. They are not appropriate for a mailing list/newsgroup
about BIND.

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