reverse zone transfers between slaves timing out

Mark.Andrews at Mark.Andrews at
Wed Mar 28 23:13:31 UTC 2001

> please cc me, I am not on this list
> I have several name servers under my control, they are connected
> through several VPNs.
> to reduce name lookup throughout this network I try to make the
> servers exchange the zone files an act as secondarys.
> the forward zone files transfer OK, but the reverse ones keep
> timing out.
> This is an exaple from the logs:
> Mar 28 23:56:24 gateway named[10081]: Err/TO getting serial# for "31.168.192.
> Mar 28 23:56:24 gateway named-xfer[4222]: [] not authoritative 
> for 31.168.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA, SOA query got rcode 0, aa 0, ancount 0, aucount 
> 13

	This is a summary of
	dig 31.168.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA soa +norec @

	It should be pretty obvious from the response that
	is not configured as a server for 31.168.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA or if it
	is configured as a server it is not serving the zone due to errors
	detected when the zone was loaded.

> I also turned on debugging, but did not really know what was
> helpful.
> how can I find out why? is this a common problem? is it solved,
> even?
> please cc me, I am not on this list
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