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Chip Old fold at
Thu Mar 29 14:48:33 UTC 2001

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, "Peña, Botp" wrote:

> I got a lot of lame server messages (below is a sample).
> Do I need to worry?

The problem isn't on your name servers, it's on name servers that are
supposed to be authoritative for domains but are not.  It's an indication
of incorrect delegation, and is unfortunately VERY common.

For example, from your log:

Mar 29 22:55:34 proxy named[344]: Lame server on '' (in
'ssc.EDU'?): [].53 'NS1.GRANITECANYON.COM'

This means your name server was trying to look up an address in
It was told by the root name servers that is
authoritative for  But when your name server queried for the address, claimed not
to be authoritative for

You can duplicate the sequence of queries with dig, nslookup, or whatever.
The root name servers show and
as authoritative for  However if you query either of those, they
refer you back to the root name servers.

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