How to clear name cache on sun solaris?

Waltner, Steve swaltner at
Fri Mar 30 14:10:04 UTC 2001

The man page says "nscd -i hosts" will do it, but I've never gotten that to
work on my Solaris 2.6 systems. One time, it appeared that a "touch
/etc/hosts" on the system cleared the cache, but that didn't seem to do it
now, so I think it was just coincidence. The sure fire way is
"/etc/init.d/nscd stop; /etc/init.d/nscd start" which will stop and start
the name caching daemon.


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> From: 	Christoph Wagner
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> Subject: 	How to clear name cache on sun solaris?
> Hi,
> I want to clear the name cache on a sun solaris 2.6. How can I do this in
> command line without restarting the machine or interrupting any other
> processes?
> Info would be fine. 
> Regards,
> Chris

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