CP (WAS: name with multiple IP address)

Greg Chavez greg at capu.net
Fri Mar 30 15:06:26 UTC 2001

What's a CP?  I'm guessing the P stands for "port" but the secret
identity of C remains unknown to me.  I am sure I will feel dumber than
dumber when one of you tells me - that's just a risk I'm willing to take
this fine day.

--Greg Chavez

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Hossien Yadollahi wrote:

> Hi,  The scenario is: 
> Application sent a request to resolver to resolve the name to IP address of a router,  router has two CP's each with different IP address. 
> Assuming the server is capable of sort the IP addresses of the CP's on the router & answer the resolver query with both IP addresses,  
> My question is how can application tell which IP belongs to which CP.  
> Many Thanks   

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