Bind 9.1.1 Man Pages

Jim Reid jim at
Sat Mar 31 01:57:06 UTC 2001

>>>>> "John" == John Will <jwillj at> writes:

    John> I have compiled and installed Bind 9.1.1 on an SGI / 6.5.10
    John> system, but the man pages are fairly unreadable. I have
    John> retained the 8.2.3 man pages for the time being. How can it
    John> re-format these man pages ?

Please consult the list archives before posting. Your question has
been asked and answered already. The simplest way to format the BIND9
man pages is to use groff. [I you don't have this, install it.] Or
else take the groff mandoc macros and use them with whatever version
of nroff is provided. ie
	nroff pathname-of-groff-mandoc-macros pathname-of-man-page
	groff -man pathname-of-man-page

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