which run level does named need

tmaestas at dnsconsultants.com tmaestas at dnsconsultants.com
Sat Mar 31 20:11:43 UTC 2001

	The problem is that when users use linuxconf to get
	a given service up and running with a minimum amount
	of fuss, once something breaks they have no idea
	of how to fix it, becuase they lack a basic understanding
	of how the service really works.  I'm not saying don't
	use linuxconf, I'm saying that every sysadmin who runs
	BIND (or any service for that matter) should understand
	what they are running, how it works, and how to fix it
	should it break.  Let linuxconf be your crutch at first,
	but make sure you learn to walk without it sooner rather
	than later.


> OK so some advanced linux users might think it is lame to use linuxconf,
> but surly it is a good tool for people who are new to linux and who have
> recently migrated from windows.
> Some people also think it is lame to install the rpm versions of BIND &
> CACHING-NAMESERVER rather than compile from the source code, but if you
> want to get bind up & running with the minimum of fuss then surely all
> these aids cannot be that bad?

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