"include" command in a zone-file with dynamic updates...

Burkhard Weeber B.Weeber at viastore.de
Thu Nov 8 16:02:21 UTC 2001

Some remarks if you are using dynamic updates based on 8.2.4REL .

1. The dynamic updates are only kept in memory and the DB file is dumped at intervals to prevent data loss. These intervals based on number of updates and time are hard coded in the source. Of course the DB files are dumped when terminating the program via ndc or signal 15.

2. As a result of 1. all "include ..." statements and manual ordering vanish with the first dump.

If you are using dynamic updates you must not mess with the DB files anymore.
You have to use "nsupdate" instead which is quite slow but keeps the serial number and data base OK.


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> Hi
> I need some advise...
> I have a dns server with a zone that uses different views (internal
> and external).
> in order to avoid changing twice machines that have the same ip
> internaly and externaly I've made a third file with those machines,
> and I've included "include <filename>" in both internal and external
> zone-files. my problem starts when I'm trying to add dynamic update
> capabilities to this zone. it writes a new zone-file and it doesn't
> add the include command. (the first time, it just added the hosts in
> this file, and then if I make changes to this file, it doesn't affect
> that zone).
> any ideas?
> thanx
> --
> Haim

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