nslookup problems with two NIC's under NT4

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Mon Oct 1 03:16:46 UTC 2001

At 04:05 PM 9/30/01, Justinien wrote:

>Now I don't understand what you explained with the loopback address in
>the TCP/IP settings.
>Where do I have to place the ???

In Network Control Panel, go to the Protocols Tab and Select TCP/IP, and
click on Properties.  Goto the DNS tab and add the address and
move it to the top of the list (assuming you want it to be the main nameserver
for this system to use to handle DNS queries).  Click on OK to complete
the addition. Your system will now answer local queries through the loopback
address.  This works fine for NT 4.0.  In W2K you need to go into the
registry to add it since the control panel actively prevents you adding any
127.x.x.x address. It's really obnoxious, but that's Microsoft!


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