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Oh my, someone else who is behind on his reading...?

Yes, you do need to open TCP port 53. See the RFCs. Queries go over
UDP by default. If the answer is too big to fit into the 512-byte UDP
packet, they are retried over TCP. Zone transfers always use TCP. All
to port 53.

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 1 2001 14:52 +0800, Bind Users wrote:

> Hi
> I'm using bind-9.1.3 name server.
> I have a problem doing a zone transfer for my localsite primary name
> server to a remotesite secondary name server. The transfered file was
> zero content.
> -rw-r--r--  1 root   other   0 Aug 29 12:26
> Both primary and secondary name server were behind a firewall. Do I
> have to open the TCP port 53 at my local firewall? How about the remote
> firewall at the secondary name server site?
> Thanks.

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