AW: map a hostname to a subdirectory?

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you got something wrong there: bind matches names and ip-addresses. this has
nothing what so ever to do with filesystems or any other os-specific or
application-specific function.
if you want to host some domains and provide one http-daemon for all
domains, you have to use CNAMES and virtual hosts (at least with apache).

check this httpd.conf:


  ServerName www.internal.domain
  ServerAlias internal.domain
  DocumentRoot /path/to/webdomain/one

  ServerName www.other.internal.domain
  Serveralias other.internal.domain
  DocumentRoot /any/other/path/leading/to/webdomain/two

ok, www.internal.domain, www.other.internal.domain and internal.domain and
other.internal.domain have to be CNAMES or A-records pointing to


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Betreff: map a hostname to a subdirectory?


Is it possible with BIND to map a host name to a subdirectory on
another host, not just to an IP?

I would like to map to

I could to this with a redirect through a CGI script instead, but then
I would have to use URL:s like to access a
certain file, I would like this file to be accessible through, even though it's
actually at

Any ideas? Could I maybe configure this in Apache instead?


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