Tips for building a root server?

Atkinson, Daniel datkinson at
Mon Oct 1 16:00:43 UTC 2001

why don't you just change things around in your firewall, i.e. permit sites
that are OK instead of denying those that aren't. That's what you're trying
to do, right? Alternatively, get some content blocker like Websense.

with your DNS solution, savvy users will soon work out to use an external
DNS server or surf to sites by IP address.


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> Subject: Tips for building a root server?
> So I'm looking into building a root dns server for my company 
> and am fishing
> for some good tips and advice.  The reason for this is so 
> that my company
> can restrict internet surfing to only those sites it deems 
> necessary for
> work.  Have you ever built a root dns server for your company or
> organization?  Did you just build zone files for every domain 
> you wanted to
> allow, or is there another way?  For now, if a web site 
> becomes a problem we
> just stop all traffic to that site by using the firewall, but 
> the company
> thinks it would be better to only allow certain sites, and 
> not have to worry
> about not allowing a whole bunch of sites that continue to 
> grow and change.
> Thanks,
> Mike

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