Win2k forgets Nameserver?

Simon Waters Simon at
Mon Oct 1 17:06:31 UTC 2001

None wrote:
> Here's the article:
> Any
> thoughts on how to handle it?

Both resolutions given for Microsoft DNS will work with BIND.

BIND will let you "forward-first" or "forward-only" if that is
your preferred solution.

"forward-first" would list you ISP DNS as a forwarder, and if it
fails try resolving it anyway. Then you'd only hit the problem
with these sites when your ISP's DNS servers are down (Thing
will go slow then as well).

"forward-only" means everything goes to the ISPs DNS servers,
but you could tighten your firewall rules to say "only allow DNS
traffic to the DNS nameservers". When your ISP's name servers
are down everything would fail.

I prefer the fixing the firewall rules, if you really need
access to sites doing this.


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