Interpreting errmsgs.

Danny Mayer mayer at
Tue Oct 2 00:09:59 UTC 2001

At 08:33 AM 10/1/01, Claire Chan wrote:

>Sorry fr asking so many questions, 
>can someone tell me what can cause a slew of such error msgs? Looks like
>whoever sent us a query refused our connection when we answered it. 
>ns_req: sendto([].35223): Connection refused  

More likely that you are forwarding a request to another server and it's refusing
to accept the connection.

>Also, can the following be caused by a corrupted package, I have a lot 
>of these in my log and they're still coming...
>Err/TO getting serial# for "" 

Look through named.conf and find the zone entry for and
look at the listed IP addresses.  Then use dig to find the addresses of the
servers authorative for the zone. If those addresses don't match what you
have listed then you need to change the addresses listed. If the addresses
match then the servers may not be reachable or there's something wrong
with the SOA record on those servers.


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