Zone not transferring???

Gary Wardell gwardell at
Tue Oct 2 04:13:12 UTC 2001


We are stumped.

My friend Bud does the secondary service for several of my domains.  One of them has stopped transferring.  Bud deleted the db file
and I incremented the serial number and we both restarted named but the db file was not recreated.

I found the following in my log file:

01-Oct-2001 14:26:32.000 notify: info: Sent NOTIFY for " IN SOA 2001100101" (; 1 NS, 1 A
01-Oct-2001 14:26:33.000 notify: info: Received NOTIFY answer (AA) from for " IN SOA"

Bud found this in his log file:

01-Oct-2001 14:26:31.000 rcvd NOTIFY(, IN, SOA) from
01-Oct-2001 14:26:31.000 NOTIFY(SOA) for zone already xferring

But the zone never transfers.

I have opened my firewall to allow all packets from Bud's machine to mine and the reverse but that didn't help.  And, as I said, the
other zones are fine, it's just this one that has a problem.

So, what is the problem or what should we check.

I have run DNS Expert(eval version) on it and the only things it complains of is the lack of a couple of PTR records in the reverse.



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