denied update

Claire Chan cchan at
Tue Oct 2 12:32:21 UTC 2001

Hallo everyone, 

we have since the last 2 months tons of denied updates generated from
our pc clients whose boxes try to update the dns with the machine name.
I know this can be turned off. But it may not be practical to manually
turn the settings off. My question is how much should I worry about how
this is tasking our server. In the last month I had nearly 100,000
nsupdates denied. (I've pinned down 84 ips) Of course I could turn the
logging down, but I'm concerned about whether the nameserver takes too
much of a beating from this.

  Any ideas?

Claire Chan
Publishing Support Center
Heinrich Bauer PKG 
Tel: 49-40-3019-5515
Email: cchan at

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