Interpreting errmsgs.

Claire Chan cchan at
Tue Oct 2 08:14:16 UTC 2001

Danny Mayer wrote:
> At 08:33 AM 10/1/01, Claire Chan wrote:
> >Sorry fr asking so many questions,
> >
> >can someone tell me what can cause a slew of such error msgs? Looks like
> >whoever sent us a query refused our connection when we answered it.
> >
> >ns_req: sendto([].35223): Connection refused
> More likely that you are forwarding a request to another server and it's refusing
> to accept the connection.

I have lots of these msgs and sent to many different ips and to high
ports, so it seems
these are not forward queries to other servers....

> >Also, can the following be caused by a corrupted package, I have a lot
> >of these in my log and they're still coming...
> >
> >Err/TO getting serial# for ""
> Look through named.conf and find the zone entry for and
> look at the listed IP addresses.  Then use dig to find the addresses of the
> servers authorative for the zone. If those addresses don't match what you
> have listed then you need to change the addresses listed. If the addresses
> match then the servers may not be reachable or there's something wrong
> with the SOA record on those servers.

Thanks, it was a wrong ip, this one's fixed now.
>          Danny

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