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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at
Tue Oct 2 19:01:08 UTC 2001

At 3:03 AM -0700 10/2/01, Kevin wrote:

>  On the subject of lamers, does anybody actually _do_ anything about
>  them? I'm getting about 10 - 15 a week in my logs, and I've been
>  wondering whether I should let the respective sysops know or just
>  forget about them (and turn the logging off)?

	Many years ago (Mon May  1 15:21:59 EDT 1995, according to the 
timestamp in, I also took over the "lamers" script from 
Bryan Beecher.  For a while I was running it myself, and posting 
weekly reports to the newsgroup, as 
well as mailing off copies of the reports to all and sundry addresses 
I could find for the affected zone.

	However, since then, I haven't really had an opportunity to do 
much of anything with it.

	Ideally, what I'd really like to do is to have sites run a 
modified version of lamers that runs nightly and takes all the 
notices, pulls out the server name and the zone name, and then does a 
"sort -u" of that information and sends that via e-mail to an account 
I would set up.

	I could then do a global "sort -u" of all the input data, check 
out all the information, and then send out the notices, post the 
summaries, etc....

	I could even add a back-end database onto the system, so that I 
could keep track of when we first noticed that a system became lame 
for a particular zone, if I got any bounces when sending mail to the 
registered e-mail address or to "postmaster" at that address, I could 
forward that information to the folks at, etc....

	However, during the time I was running lamers, I found an 
exceptionally high proportion of sites that did not understand what a 
lame delegation was and didn't really care, and I got flamed quite 
frequently for what they claimed to be my probing of their network.

	If I were to re-start this effort and to bring it forward with 
more modern administrative techniques, I'd want some support from 
other folks to help make the project happen and keep it going in my 

Brad Knowles, <brad.knowles at>


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