Internal + External DNS Integration, question.

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 3 00:45:05 UTC 2001

lcalvo at wrote:

> Hi, I'm newbie with DNS, but I need to solve this situation :
> I have one LAN with a Primary DNS that resolve all my internals
> address, now, had instaled one proxy server and a Firewall by hardware
> to connect the LAN to Internet.
> The question is, How can I integrate may Internal DNS with my ISP's
> DNS to go to internet?
> I'm very ansious to learn this, If some one can help me with this or
> can say me where can I find information about ?

The _DNS_and_BIND_ book (Fourth Edition, if you can get it) is a good
resource. There is a section in it on DNS and Firewalls.

Basically, though, what you need to do, if you don't want to expose all
of your internal names on the Internet (which I assume you don't), and
you want to use the same domain on the inside as well as the outside, is
to duplicate all of the external entries in your internal DNS.

- Kevin

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