BIND 8.2.5 public release

Mark_Andrews at Mark_Andrews at
Wed Oct 3 07:07:22 UTC 2001

> > The recommended versions to use are BIND 9.2.0rc5 and BIND 9.1.3.  If
> > for whatever reason you must run BIND 8, use nothing earlier than
> > 8.2.5-REL
> Why isn't 8.2.3-REL acceptable anymore?

	I would have thought that that would have been self evident.

	While not every bug has a security impact the just about
	all have a operational impact.  It would be remiss of us
	to recommend anything other than the best version that we

	Also you can be sure that black hats will be trying to find
	a way to exploit any weakness that we have exposed.

	It also reduces the support load.

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