Multiple IPs on one NIC running BIND under RedHat

Barry Margolin barmar at
Wed Oct 3 15:10:57 UTC 2001

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Daniel Wilson <firepower_50ae at> wrote:
>Please forgive what is probably a really stupid question.  I'm fairly
>new to Linux.
>I am running a pair of RedHat boxes as the authoritative name servers
>for our domains.  Due to some ISP changes, I need to bind 2 IP's to
>each server.
>Thanks to a fellow in another group, I got a 2nd IP bound to the NIC,
>using /sbin/ifconfig eth0:0 <2ndAddress> and I found the ifcfg-eth
>files so that the machine still has that address after a reboot.  I
>can ping both addresses of the machine.
>But when I do an nslookup, I get a response on only the first IP
>address that was bound to the system.  I get nothing trying to use the
>2nd IP.
>What am I missing?

Are you starting named before configuring the 2nd IP?  When named starts up
it binds to all the addresses that are currently configured.  Then every
hour it checks to see whether the system's IP addresses have changed and
updates itself accordingly (the "interface-interval" config file setting
can be used to change the frequency of this check).

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