ns_req Connection refused

Claire Chan cchan at hbv.de
Thu Oct 4 10:23:09 UTC 2001


Can someone help with this question: our bind8 server has been giving
error msgs like this:
ns_req: sendto([].53): Connection refused   
I've looked around this mailing list for answers and understand that it
means the server stalled and by the time it replied the query timed out
on the querier's sideand therefore was refused. 
This was also explained as normal and acceptable to a certain extent. 
The question is I'm concerned about the rate at which we're getting
these -- 624 since Sept 28.
and when I look back, these are the counts of ns_req errors since the
beginning of the year.
/var/log/messages-20010131.gz        11
/var/log/messages-20010315.gz         6
/var/log/messages-20010415.gz         1
/var/log/messages-20010421.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010604.gz         1
/var/log/messages-20010711.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010820.gz         3
/var/log/messages-20010824.gz       133
/var/log/messages-20010830.gz       138
/var/log/messages-20010905.gz       147
/var/log/messages-20010911.gz       234
/var/log/messages-20010920.gz       699
/var/log/messages-20010928.gz       807

Are these numbers high? Meaning our server is somehow overloaded?
We have also been bombarded by windows boxes trying to do nsupdate.
When I do a grep 'denied update', this is what I see:
/var/log/messages-20010131.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010315.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010415.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010421.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010604.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010711.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010820.gz         0
/var/log/messages-20010824.gz     13074
/var/log/messages-20010830.gz     17955
/var/log/messages-20010905.gz     17964
/var/log/messages-20010911.gz     19656
/var/log/messages-20010920.gz     30360
/var/log/messages-20010928.gz     29554

There may be nothing we can do about the windows boxes, and I'm trying
to decide whether I need
to worry about the servers load...or just turn down the logging. We're
running at debug level 1 permanently.
  Can someone tell me if these are normal...?
We're running a 8.2.3 bind SuSE 7.0 on a pentium3 2-processor smp,
645Hz, 512M.
Claire Chan
Publishing Support Center
Heinrich Bauer PKG 
Tel: 49-40-3019-5515
Email: cchan at hbv.de

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