How to prevent BIND 8 warnings in Windows NT event log

Michael Kjorling michael at
Fri Oct 5 13:37:57 UTC 2001

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Have you tried:

	logging {
		default { "null"; };

This will _completely_ turn off logging. Check the ARM for more
details on the logging clause, and the channels and categories
available. (You most likely do want to fine-tune this.)

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 5 2001 14:33 +0200, Gerrit Schunk wrote:

> I'm running BIND 8.2.4 on Windows 2000 SP2. Everything works fine,
> except that named always adds two warnings/errors to the Windows NT
> event log ("directory . is world-writable" and "cannot set resource
> limits on this system") when it starts. I know that I can ignore these
> messages, but is there a way to prevent BIND from adding messages to
> the event log?
> Regards,
> Gerrit Schunk

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