Some servers respond with wrong IP address for my domain

Chris Parker chrisp2 at
Fri Oct 5 17:03:35 UTC 2001

Check you IP addresses listed in newjersey, they are different than vermont.

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Subject: Some servers respond with wrong IP address for my domain

We're a small company who hosts our own DNS and email.

When I first set up our DNS server over a month ago, I had mistakenly
entered the wrong IP address for the primary nameserver (things not to
do at 2:30am...).  I corrected the problem by the end of the next day,
but it seems that a number of DNS servers are still returning the old

The domain is  The addresses that are affected are and (mail is an alias for

Our registrar is Network Solutions (now VeriSign, I suppose).  Our record
there correctly indicates our nameservers and
their IPs:

And a query of our own nameserver returns the correct answer:
dig @
-->       1D IN CNAME    1D IN A

But a simple lookup on a web interface returns the incorrect address
from way long ago: (
63 . 149 . 85 . 131

I know there are other DNS servers returning wrong information,
because we are failing to receive email from people.  For example, I
created an account at and tried to send myself, but I do not
receive messages to my account.

Our DNS record is now correct and the TTL passed many eons ago.  What am I
doing wrong?  What can I do to bring things back into place?

Thanks in advance,
Mickey Mullin

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