Resolving domain name with www record

Brian Salomaki brian at
Fri Oct 5 20:07:11 UTC 2001

It looks like a case of serial problems...

The two servers listed for are:        172800  IN      A   172800  IN      A returns:       10800   IN      A, with a serial of 1 returns no A record for, but the zone 
has a serial of 3

Additionally, the authorities listed are:

;; AUTHORITY SECTION:       10800   IN      NS       10800   IN      NS

I can't find records for either of those servers on or

This doesn't match up with what you have registered.

I'm not sure how your setup is, and whether you have something to warrant the 
different NS records there, but (I'm assuming is your master, 
and is your slave, based on which has the right data) 
you should be able to update the serial for the zone on to 
something higher than 3, and have the zone transfer over automatically.

On Friday 05 October 2001 02:18 pm, Rick Evans wrote:
> Sorry about typing so long and no <CR>.  First time posting.
> I am running BIND v8.2.5 for NT.  I put the @ symbol in the
> db file and it still fails.  I will give some more information to help.
> I have created a file named  In the file, I have
> two records that appear as follows:
> @        IN    A
> www    IN    A
> The entries in named.conf for the above file are as follows:
> zone    ""    IN    {
>     type master;
>     file "";
> };
> I have stopped and restarted the BIND service however when doing an
> nslookup, I get non-existent domain.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Rick Evans

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