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Mark_Andrews at isc.org Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Sat Oct 6 00:30:51 UTC 2001

	Fistly upgrade you nameserver because it has well know
	security holes. See:

	For how to see INSTALL in the distribution.  You can run
	named from the build tree prior to installation so that
	can correct all the additional errors the newer versions
	pick up in your zone files.  Just stop the current one first
	and look at your log files after starting named.  Note if
	you have followed the RFC's there won't be any errors reported.

	As for the updates.  You need to re-configure the machines
	making them. http://www.domainregistry.ie/tech/dynamic-dns.html


> Hi there,
> I`m new in this list. I have a little problem, I receive all the time a lots 
> of unapproved update from.. How I can fix it ?? I use named 8.2.2-P5-NOESW ve
> rsion...
> Oct  5 09:59:58 ns1 named[115]: unapproved update from [].12039 fo
> r m
> rcvo.qc.ca
> Oct  5 09:59:59 ns1 named[115]: unapproved update from [].13334 fo
> r c
> sharricana.qc.ca
> Oct  5 10:01:21 ns1 named[115]: unapproved update from [].1141 f
> or
> 10.212.24.in-addr.arpa
> I`m pretty sure you will tell me, upgrade your version.. Yes I will, but I wo
> uld like to have a good url (bookmark) where I can have some help to doing th
> e upgrade correctly.
> Thanks,
> Sonny                                               
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