address match list syntaxs

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Using CIDR, you can write it out this way:

acl mylocalsubnets {; }; 

/19  =   32 Class C's  

Since you mention 30 Class C's and not 32, you can just disallow the last

Hope this helps


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Our local subnets are a /24 sequence from 161.241.51/24 to 161.241.81/24 -
(its a private network).

Creating an ACL for this group makes a rather long address match list - ie:

acl mylocalsubnets { 161.241.51/24; 161.241.52/24; 161.241.53/24;
		161.241.54/24; .............. > 161.241.81;};

I would be REALLY REALLY nice to be able to write it this way

acl mylocalsubnets { 161.241.51-81/24;};

George Young

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